Advanced technologies and unlimited potential

Precision projects, innovative solutions, modern production

Our best asset is our people: they are wise and experienced, and have modern technology at their fingertips.

We provide our customers with:

  • Comprehensive services – at each stage from concept through to completion
  • Competitive prices - we continually drive down our prices by paying attention to our productivity and by working with a network of partners who can give us extra economies
  • The highest quality – ensured by strict control of our products and technological processes
  • Short order-completion times – resulting from our flexible production management system

Our professional manufacturing facilities include halls with specialist equipment, technologically advanced machines and precision measuring devices.

We provide the complete and technologically advanced manufacturing process:

  • Designing (CAD, CAM)
  • Machining (turning, milling)
  • Gear cutting (hobbing, shaping, broaching)
  • Finishing (grinding, honing, gear grinding, shot peening)

Prozamet’s expertise
The expertise and experience of our engineers is extended by cooperation with the top European technical Universities; this enables us to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

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