Prozamet’s offer - advanced projects and comprehensive production

Gears, gear units, components and spare parts production

We specialise in production of gears and power transmission system components for the automotive and machine building industry (including transmissions, gearboxes, gear drives, axles and gear reducers). We offer a comprehensive service - high quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing - at every stage of our cooperation.

Range full of specific advantages
Our advanced technological capacities, experience and business potential allow us to tailor our offer to individual customer's expectations. We undertake the most complex orders, ensuring their quick completion and providing individual and serial production.


Details of Prozamet’s range

Main products

  • Cylindrical gears, spur and helical
  • Straight and spiral bevel gears
  • Gear units – cylindrical, bevel, hypoid, differential, epicyclic, worm gearing
  • Synchronizers
  • Gear and spline shafts
  • Heat treatment services

Spare parts for older vehicle types


Motoryzacja i przemysł maszynowy


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