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Prozamet – we design, produce and develop

Gears and gear units

With over 30 years of experience, modern technologies, innovative technical solutions and advanced production capacities we provide our customers with world-class services at very attractive prices.

We execute the most difficult projects
Our trademark is our unlimited potential. We are one of the few companies that can undertake the most complicated projects. We offer innovative design solutions, conduct advanced research and development (R&D) related to gear units, and implement innovative technological solutions in our production.

Customised production
We design and produce gears, technological tooling and special tools. We manufacture individual items or provide industrial scale production – tailored to specific needs and requirements. We optimise the manufacturing processes and application technologies guaranteeing competitive prices and the highest standard of service.

Gears and gear units for the industry
Our services, as well as our technological and manufacturing facilities, meet the requirements of the majority of the automotive and machine industry in the Polish and the international market. Using innovative methods we meet expectation of the most demanding customers, thus we work together both with big corporations and small companies.

Production "under one roof"
We are distinguished by our comprehensive production processes. Our extensive technological background ensures our self-sufficiency at each stage of order handling. Thus our customers are offered quick, efficient and, above all, price-competitive production. We systematically reduce our prime costs, perform strict quality control, and offer flexible business terms tailored to individual expectations.

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Advanced know-how
Our company is founded on responsible business principles - reliability, punctuality and professionalism. We have developed optimal business, design and manufacturing methods and systematically invest in our technological development and innovative manufacturing methods. To this end, we cooperate with technical universities (Ref. 1), develop our own research and development facilities, employ the best specialists, and systematically improve our professional qualifications.

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Gears for the automotive
and machine industry since 1986

Gears for the automotive and machine industry since 1986

Certified quality

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Details of Prozamet’s range

Main products

  • Cylindrical gears, spur and helical
  • Straight and spiral bevel gears
  • Gear units – cylindrical, bevel, hypoid, differential, epicyclic, worm gearing
  • Synchronizers
  • Gear and spline shafts


We can complete technologically advanced projects that have been customised to the requirements of our customers. We are specialists in the manufacture of precision gears and gear units. Our comprehensive service combines high quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.





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Choose Prozamet – for comprehensive and professional production of gears and gear units.

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